(aka a pretty great group of people)

If you have your own business, you already know that perfecting your craft and combining that with a great client experience will put you at the top of the list in your area. Adding beautiful, high-quality photos will further help you connect with your ideal customer and will cement an authentic brand identity that will stand out. And as a bonus, it will also provide you with handy new website and social media content!

My recent team branding photo session in North Vancouver with R&B Plumbing & Heating started out with a home-based puppy meet and greet (as all great photo sessions should), moved on to an impromptu album cover group photo (everyone put on your sunnies, grab an instrument, and now we jam!) and ended up at R&B’s lovely head office. There were also Seinfeld references, which made me happy. It was low-stress, fun and authentic, simply illustrating what the company does best.

So the question is, will your company be next? Are you ready to update or elevate your brand photos? Get in touch and let’s come up with some ideas.

Company Brand Photos Vancouver North Shore
North Vancouver outdoor team photo session